Champagne Dreams

Bubbles. Brunch. Billions. White/Black Hoodie + Free tee

$50 $106

"Bubbles. Brunch. Billions." is our staple collection because that's totally our goal with not only each and every one of our clients but also the entire brunch and travel industry!

Dream of sitting at brunch casually collecting a billion dollars? Well, let's do it! Let's sit back and sip our mimosas, drown each other with a bottle of champagne or ten, and then catch the PJ to the next destination while we wear this rich black hoodie!


- 50% cotton/50% polyester
- Double-lined hood
- Front pouch pocket

P.S: Don't wait any longer to live the life you've only ever dreamed of. You are a Champagne Dreamer and this is the life you deserve.

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