The importance of sustainability in travel.

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Welcome. This is a topic that I have been thinking about writing for almost two years and after reading enough information to educate a small nation, I’m now taking pen to paper. We all focus on how important recycling and sustainability is in our everyday lives, but when we go on vacation we let our hair down and all care goes out the window. Which is understandable.

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Most people travel as an escape, a getaway from the usual stressful grind. But what if we start focusing on travel as a lifestyle? 

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A life where you are able to use travel as a way to enhance your purpose and the way that you make a difference to people around the world. This article is an intro on WHY it’s so important to prioritize sustainability when you travel and then I’ll continue to post articles to show you HOW to do this fabulous stuff coming up.

So it’s really simple. I was going to post a bunch of statistics and stuff, but it’s really easy to break it down. WHY should we care about focusing on sustainability when we are booking vacations and traveling the world? First of all, just be a good person and care. Do better. Secondly, think of it this way. When we go to a hotel or resort, we think of ourselves as the center of attention over-indulging like the brunch royalty that we are. But for one second, remember that there are a ton of other people doing the same thing as you at that destination, location or property. Then it becomes even worse when a destination is a tourist hotspot, think Ibiza, Bali, etc. 

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When tourism is the major focus of a city/state/country, it’s generally a major economy supporter for the place. The entire eco-system and natural infrastructure is focused on tourism. So every place in town is catering to over-indulgent tourists. Over time, the land, the water systems, the farming area that provide us all that amazing organic food, everything starts to break down over time. And then guess what, our favorite places are forced to reduce the amount of tourists that can come to town and the cool stuff we all love to do there. :( 

So, what am I saying? Am I saying that we should just live with the land and restrict ourselves when on vacation using the same towel and taking tiny sips of water? HELL NO! I believe in living life to the exact opposite extent of that. But, let’s focus on coming up with innovative solutions that help us to indulge, but in a way that doesn’t completely rape the planet of everything that it needs to survive for the next few generations. There’s a brand that you can find at Whole Foods, called Seventh Generation. I always thought it was cool, but then I actually read the back of the bottle the other day. The whole meaning behind the brand name, is to live consciously so that we are protecting and nourishing the earth for the next seven generations. And I thought that is SUCH a cool concept and mantra. 

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Not to get carried away off topic, circling back to the importance of sustainable travel. Now let’s talk luxury travel. Luxury adventures and anything lux, is often misconceived with this label of wasteful indulgence. When in reality, abundance is the way that the universe wants us to live and so I am really on a mission to put together a hub of the coolest places to go that are luxury and simultaneously sustainable. This is for those of us that have seen the light and know we must be shamelessly rich, living our best lives only whilst running international empires. 

How can you start focusing on sustainable travel today? Well, next time you book a hotel, check out the sustainability factor. Since the word “sustainability” is such a buzzword these days, every man and his dog in travel and hospitality is trying to throw the hype word on their website. So you should be able to see their policies on water, towels/linen, food and more. If you aren’t already obsessed with this megatrend, start out with baby steps. The next article will be about how you can start to travel more sustainably even if this has never been a focus for you until now! Rachel Hollis makes a super thought-provoking point in her book “Girl Stop Apologizing”. She says “if not now, then when?!”

So I ask you the same thing. If we don’t travel sustainably now, then when?! This isn’t something that we can keep on sweeping under the rug, this is something we need to take action on NOW. Share this article with your beloved traveling buds and next time you travel, think sustainably. 

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