Pot-lox meets Pot-luck.

Bring this fun rendition of the traditional lox bagel to your next POT-luck.

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This is quite possibly the most intriguing combination. Who would have ever thought that we would one day be cooking with cannabis. And especially combining a luxury brunch staple such as a lox bagel, with the green grass. Here’s an easy recipe for your next adults-only brunch that will leave everyone feeling lavish and lax. 

I love the Potli Cannabis Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I bought it from MedMen and it retails for about $70 a bottle (not affiliated).

picture of potli cannabis infused extra virgin olive oil

I've also used this oil to to cook the "Beyond The Burger". It is SO good, I'll post the recipe soon! The oil bottle comes with a magnet that teaches you all the different levels of heat to use to activate the different cannabinoids (parts of the cannabis plant), when you are cooking with different forms of cannabis. Although it does contain THC, the thing that I love about this oil is that instead of some type of overwhelming psychoactive experience, it simply mellows you out without making you pass out in 30 seconds. It’s awesome to cook with in the evening when you are winding down after a stressful day at work. 

I found that I generally liked the effects of it better when I mixed it with olive oil and cooked using the combination. When using it for recipes that involve frying a meat/protein with the cannabis olive oil, definitely mix it with regular olive oil for a lighter, slower-acting, mellowing effect. Also, I would recommend serving it at brunch with cocktails that have CBD oil tinctures in them, so that the CBD can balance out the THC in the olive oil. If you want a total relaxation but still up and at 'em brunch, that’s the way to do it! I’m working on compiling CBD cocktails, so stay tuned for that! 

***Disclosure***: I’m typing freely about this as I am based out of California and cannabis is legalized. If you live in a state that cannabis has not yet been legalized, then save this until you visit one of the states that has already gone ahead and legalized it! And fun fact, you must be 21 years or older to consume cannabis.

Alright, here’s how I made these lox bagels from God’s green earth itself. For specifics on why I chose some of these brands and products, there's a brief blurb on it at the end after the recipe and method!


Bagels / Toppings:
Whole Foods 365 Everything Bagels
Cambridge House Smoked Salmon
Whole Foods 365 Whipped Cream Cheese

Red Onion
Jeff's Garden Organic Capers
1/2 Hass Avocado

Green Grass Garnish:
Potli Cannabis Extra Virgin Olive Oil 
BrightFresh Microgreens Micro Arugula 
1/2 Hass Avocado
Whole Foods Sea Salt, to taste
Whole Foods Ground Black Pepper, to taste  


Step 1. Make the Green Grass Garnish by literally just adding the above ingredients in a small bowl and mix them up with a fork. Don’t mix normal olive oil with this garnish, use the Potli olive oil straight. 

picture of arugula and avocado with patly cannabis olive oil

Step 2. Make the bagel. Toast the bagel(s) until it reaches your desired crispness. Once it’s toasted, spread a thick layer of cream cheese on each half. Layer the lox, sliced red onions, cube the other half of the avocado and top that and then sprinkle some green capers on for that extra pizzazz. I don’t add specific amounts/measurements to the recipe because I just use the amount I feel like. I’m pretty generous with the amount of lox I add. Just add what you want or like. Same goes for the cream cheese. 

toasted everything bagels with lox, red onions, green capers

Step 3. Dress the bagel with the green grass garnish.

picture of lox bagels with arugula cannabis olive mix garnish

And here we have it folks, the most talked about innovation when it comes to natural medicine combined with your traditional cool kids’ club brunch staple!

Here's a little bit more on the method behind my madness for why I chose the specific brands and products that I did. 

The Whole Foods 365 Everything Bagel. Number one, it's made by Whole Foods. So automatic win. Number two, they put a generous amount of everything seasoning/seeds on each bagel.

Cambridge House Smoked Salmon. I'm a marketer's dream, so I'm not gonna lie, when I was perusing the smoked salmon selection at Whole Foods, I fell in love with the upper echelon vibes that are combined with the traditional fishermen's wharf aesthetic. But, after I tried it once I was hooked! Delicately smoked and salted with the perfect size and texture, Cambridge House has NAILED IT when it comes to making a lox appropriate for the finest of brunches.

picture of the Cambridge house private reserve smoked salmon

BrightFresh Microgreens Micro Arugula. I personally love Arugula but I know a lot of people don't have a natural affinity to the salad staple. The team over at BrightFresh Microgreens definitely knows how to switch it up. This mini version of the plant is full of pop for your palate, minus the borderline bitter taste that matured arugula can sometimes have. The oil and avocado really complement it beautifully, so this is an arugula experience that you may have not have previously experienced. I buy this one at Whole Foods, but their website does have a store locator in case you don't have Whole Foods right near you!

bright greens Microgreens micro arugula

Jeff's Garden Organic Capers. First of all... they are organic. And isn't there also something soothingly charming about the brand name "Jeff's Garden". It makes me  feel like my lovely neighbor went out into his garden and plucked some ingredients out of his plot and dropped by with the fresh spread. Now, in real life these capers are really juicy, packed with a powerful punch of flavor. These capers are honestly the best combo with the Cambridge House Smoked Salmon. 

picture of Jeff's garden capers

Well, I hope that this has helped add some fun to your next house party or Sunday brunch! Trust and believe, these pot-lox bagels will be a hit. Most importantly, as any responsible cannabis chef would do, PLEASE inform your guests of honor that they are consuming a little something extra BEFORE they indulge. Enjoy and please if you try this recipe, most definitely comment below! Also, please tag us on Instagram and Pinterest, hashtag #potlox and share with all your friends!

Signing Out, 

Champagne Dreams. Xoxo 

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