What Is A Champagne Dream?

If you follow Champagne Dreams on IG (which if you haven't already then you totally should), then by now you've seen me posting like a crazy person about following your Champagne Dreams. You land on the homepage of the site, I'm beckoning you to be a Champagne Dreamer and telling you to basically scream it from the rooftops haha.

Champagne Dreams is the land of being young, wild and free and going after what your heart wants and desires

Literally everywhere you look when it comes to Champagne Dreams, I'm either summoning you to be a Champagne Dreamer, inviting you to come to the land of Champagne Dreams or striving to inspire you to follow your Champagne Dreams. So while it's all pretty and fun, before we get deep into this journey of how to live your best life & where to live it, it's imperative that we understand exactly what a Champagne Dream is.

Soooo, the cool thing is... is that it literally can be whatever you want it to be. Wait, WHAT?! "I can live life however I want to?!", you ask. Possibly stumbling around the place totally shooketh as you just had the epiphany of the fucking century and realize that your DREAMS, your CHAMPAGNE DREAMS, can be ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you want them to be. It's my job to stay active in this community and post cool shit, and talk hot brunch places, fun lux life travel, whimsical lands of magic and motivate y'all to seek ONLY what sets your soul on fire. But it's your job to decide what your wildest dream is - like think what do you want in the bottom of your heart, what's one dream that you can't die before you make it come true into reality, what's that idea that everyone calls you "fucking crazy" for - yes darling THAT dream, the one that's burning bright in your soul. The one that you can't seem to extinguish no matter how tough life gets. I want you to promise me and most importantly promise YOURSELF that you are going to go after that dream and you turn it into real life. You make it happen. THAT IS A CHAMPAGNE DREAM. And that's what we are here for, that's why I've launched this hub, this community, this land of Champagne Dreams.

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Why do I call it a Champagne Dream? First of all, I love champagne. Okay, you're like yeah, yeah, don't we all. But no seriously guys, I'm like fucking obsessed with it. Like my life goal is to make a fuck ton of money (like fucking billions) and be able to survive by being drowned in champagne showers and eat lox Benedict for breakfast 24/7, 365. Hence, why the merch line and slogan of Champagne Dreams is "Bubbles. Brunch. Billions.".

Because that's literally my real life vision board, my strongest form of manifestation. THAT IS MY CHAMPAGNE DREAM. Call me superficial, call me hedonistic, call me vain as fuck.... but it's what makes me happy  and it's what I want. And THAT is quite literally my biggest Confession Of A Champagne Dreamer. Next, people always think of this like elusive lifestyle (borderline unattainable) when they think of champagne. It's known as a daily drink for the rich kids of Instagram; a drink for special occasions only. But, what if I'm here to tell you that EVERY FUCKING DAY is a special occasion! And that's why it's a Champagne Dream. Because it's a dream that society tells you is unrealistic BUT you can't stop thinking about it, no matter what people say, no matter what perception others have, you just can't stop. And I'm gonna second that and say DON'T stop! Don't give up! Because there's a reason that you have been granted this dream, this wish, this mission. Because it's your purpose rattling inside you to wake up and go after what you want.

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So, I want you to join the movement and I want you to decide what is your Champagne Dream. Once you've decided what it is, I want you to make a decision and a commitment that this is what you will pursue with all of your heart and soul. Do what you have to do, to make that dream come to life. If you fall off the horse, you get back up and ride it. Today, you stop fearing all the possibilities that could go wrong and you start celebrating all of possibilities that will go right by you following your heart.

I'm so excited to have you on this journey bb's... So let's GO! This post is kinda short and sweet but I just wanted to put it out there, lay it on thiccc, and get ya blood pumping so you know why it's so important that we do what we were destined to do!

That’s all for now my Champagne Dreamers. Comment below your Champagne Dreams or that you have made the decision to go after what your heart wants & share this with anyone and everyone who needs that push to follow their Champagne Dreams!

Signing Out, 

Champagne Dreams. Xoxo

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Ohhhhhh myyyyyy goddddd wow!! You are such a talented writer and I really need this tonight! Thank you! It’s like you were in my mind! Thank you for this! This will keep me going to peruse my dreams!

Jesse Figueroa July 10, 2019

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