Confessions Of A Champagne Dreamer - Volume 1

Hi Guys!

Thank you for tuning into the first installment in “Confessions Of A Champagne Dreamer”. Before we go full steam ahead, I wanted to take the time to establish what exactly the purpose of this blog is, along with set some expectations for what you can expect from this exciting new blog! 

So what can you expect from Confessions Of A Champagne Dreamer? I want you to think of this as the HUB of all things travel, brunch, wine & champagne. Now, let me clarify when I’m talking wine, it’s PRETTY MUCH going to be all things rosé because of course that’s Sunday brunch’s BFF for life.

BUT, since we are delving into the luxury travel sector we may from time to time discuss wines of an esteemed higher caliber. And then we jump straight to the upper echelon of society as we know it, and chat all things champagne… feels good doesn’t it? Now, when we say hub of all things that’s truly what we mean… we are your go-to.. So you will be able to find on this blog as time goes on, brunch party ideas and recipes, the hottest brunch and travel destinations around the world, cocktail ideas, travel trends, innovative champagne brands PLUS personal brunch and travel memoirs. I also will be chatting blog how-to’s and we have some exciting developments in the works as far as launching an Etsy store with custom glitter merch for Champagne Dreams so we will most DEFINITELY be throwing in some summer fashion blog posts also!

The whole point of Champagne Dreams is to create a sense of community, think of me/us/the brand as your safe haven, your home away from home and your online education center. 

I want to create lux lifestyle content, but at the same time help you to live your BEST LIFE ONLY and enjoy life the way it was meant to be enjoyed; living it on your own terms with the ultimate financial freedom. And yes guys this really can be achieved for whatever idea you have, you just have to have a solid plan and then execute. So, I’ll leave it at that and I thank you so much for joining us on this journey of Champagne Dreams. 

That’s all for now my Champagne Dreamers.

Signing Out, 

Champagne Dreams. Xoxo

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Okay I love this! wow, wow, wow! You are such a great writer, can’t wait to see more from Champagne Dreams.

Jesse July 01, 2019

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